A ”holder” for the node you want somewhere else



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    Kyler W Kelly

    This or a multi-column view would be real nice.

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    audrey orenstein

    Why not use cut/paste?

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    Sarah E Skaggs

    This is the method I use. Works pretty well.


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    Matt Hulse

    I spend a lot of time tagging source and destination locations so that they show up in one list just so that I can drag items to a distant location in my outline and then I clean up the temporary tags.  This is the approach outlined in the link above.  Sure, it works, but I do it enough that streamlining this process would save me a lot of time and effort. 

    This suggestion of having a place to park a selected bullet while navigating to the target is also implemented in Moo.do, and it works.  And honestly, it can be implemented using cut/paste (except for on mobile.) . However, I prefer the concept of panes in Moo.do which provide a mechanism for opening new views into the same list each one zoomed into a different location.   This opens up some new workflows like a kanban board allowing you to drag items from zoomed location to zoomed location to update their status.  I can do this in browser tabs in Workflowy, but you can't drag and drop between tabs, and cut and paste to a new tab creates a new bullet url, breaking any links I have to the moved item. 

    It would be awesome to have a multi-column, or panel view so that I could simply have the source and destination locations zoomed side by side and drag and drop as desired.

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    I agree a two panel view would be nice. 

    fwiw, this is the trick I use to move stuff.

    Bookmark this home page search for items edited in the last minute.

    Then, rather than tagging, simply add (or remove) a space to both the source and destination. 

    Then click the bookmark. Drag and drop. Done.


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    I much prefer the 'move item' style for this.

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