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    Kristian Borglund

    Yes. Personally I never remember what tags I have used, so I need a way to see and select from a map structure that I want to be able to re-arrange, and rename tags in a centralized tag manager.

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    James Corre

    I'll refrain from posting a new feature request on this, but what I really want to do is to batch rename tags, as requested here. That would be a huge step towards being able to use Workflowy as a task list, with prioritisation. E.g. On Monday morning I could change all instances of #NextWeek to #ThisWeek !

    I guess one way of achieving this would simply be to introduce a 'search and replace' function throughout Workflowy, which would be super-useful.


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    Max Yakin Bozek

    And what about subtags as implemented by the Bear app?

    For example:

    • #store/ikea
    • #store/amazon
    • #project/casa
    • #project/fiesta
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