Multi-columns option for with bullet-drag&drop from a column to another.



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    Alexandre Flet

    That would be really convinient, in fact: To have several workflowy apps icons on the iPhone screen, each leading to a different bullet in my workflowy data... Because there are some places that I need to access all the time... And because different parts of my workflowy have nothing to do with each other so it would be more logical if they have different access from the principal iPhone screen! ;-)

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    Max Yakin Bozek

    Or multi-panels as in the app?

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    Matt Hulse

    +1 for multi-panels.  I spend a lot of time tagging source and destination locations so that they show up in one list just so that I can drag items to a distant location in my outline.  If I could just open another panel zoomed to the appropriate location and drag and drop it would save me so much time and effort.

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    Ron Brinkmann

    I moved from Workflowy to Dynalist a few months back for a variety of minor reasons but I still miss some things about Workflowy.  Chief among them is the much simpler mental model where top level items are treated exactly the same as anything else, vs. Dynalist's (in my opinion dumb) decision to have the top level items behave differently.

    But honestly, adding a multi-column view to workflowy would get me to switch back IMMEDIATELY.  Reorganizing large lists would be sped up by order of magnitudes for me. 

    Also, this would be something that I think would be fairly easy to do in the more elegant framework that Workflowy has, whereas I think in Dynalist it would feel a lot less natural.

    Design-wise I'd picture it as just a simple button that adds a new pane/panel/column to the right of the current one. Panel2 would have its own 'memory' of which items are expanded or collapsed as well as where you are in the hierarchy and that's about it. Add additional panels as needed.

    PLEASE think about doing this one - It would be such a clear and dramatic differentiator from Dynalist and you guys could really use something like that...

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