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    audrey orenstein

    Why not use tags? Am I missing something?

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    Kristian Borglund


    Tags = used for quickly filter all the nodes with a particular tag attached, either within the full document or within the part of the doc you have dived into, clicking on a tag or searching for a tag result in an overview of nodes with that tag attached

    Hyperlink = used for quickly arriving at that particular url/node

    Hope that helps.


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    Max Yakin Bozek

    This feature is a must!
    Could also work as Aliases works in the Mac OS?

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    Marc Cools

    A hyperlink could be useful but a good structure in your Workflowy bullet list is more recommended.

    Remember that Dave Allen created his 'Getting Things Done' (GTD) when computers where not that common and desk bound. So he jotted down all the things on a big list (the inbox) and then placed it in an other list like next, project, phone, shop, and so on. Now we have computers all around us (smartphone, smartwatch, ...) and a software way to handle a list. So one big list and then filtering is the best way to go. How do you organize your big list? Like it is an archive! So you have main branches depending on what kind of business your in. For me it is real estate and splitting it up in buildings is logical. A building has subunits. A unit has and had tenants and so on. If you are in accounting it might be clients, fiscale years, investments, ... .

    Anyway, the purpose is that you don't have to move items around and around but tag them and use the tags as a selection methode. It is easy to make GTD-list like phone, shop, Rita and so on if you use tags. It is flexibel and easy.

    A hyperlink can be useful when you have a checklist that you use over and over again. But copy/past would do the trick.

    What I am saying is that a good organisation of your list in combination of the power use of tags solves a lot of problems.  That 's why I ask for sub-tags to give the tags even more power.

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    Steffen Schneider

    Hyperlinks already work, they just need to be made available in / from the UI.
    I use links on my "home list" to quickly jump to a sub-node, that might be a project, a list I'm currently working on, whatever
    With a tag, you arrive at a certain item (or list of items), all sub-lists collapsed.
    Hyperlinks take you to a certain node, lists expanded and everything. Tags can't do that.

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    Corey Willix

    @Marc Cools - I am using Workflowy for the first time and am interested in installing it for my Sales Team that I manage - and I'd be interested in using it as a RESOURCE CENTER for my sales reps - similar to how you mentioned it above from a GTD perspective. 

    Any chance you'd be open to jumping on a ZOOM Link and showing me your Workflowy environment so I can try to duplicate some features of your instance before I try to create and recreate the wheel myself?? I'd be forever in your debt if you're open to it - and you have my word we'll keep it under 10 minutes. 

    Cheers - 


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    Daniel S Dorman

    Like Steffen mentioned, hyperlinks are already there, and they work great. What is missing is a way to extract them from Workflowy's UI; they have to be retrieved through a web browser. The places this is particularly a problem are the native apps.

    Although something like this old mockup from 2014 would be cool too. :)

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    Joel Janikowski

    Yes this would be really useful. I run into this a lot.

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    Yes, I think it's two things that are needed.

    1) A quick way to copy a link to the clipboard (hotkey in desktop, menu item in the apps)

    2) A nice design for links. I think Trello really nails it here: you can paste a link into a text field and it will be displayed as a nice button with the card title (see the screenshots). Workflowy could do something very similary and it would look great.

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    Max Yakin Bozek

    Aliases / Clones / Active Duplicates / Virtual Instances / Transclusions / Shadow Copies / Phantom items / Twins Bullets / Linking Lines / Hiperlinks to other parts of WorkFlowy / etc, etc, etc.

    Maybe we are all asking for the same feature but with different names in a lot of different entries in this forum. But what we need is essentially the ability to reach the same bullet by following different roads. And have those bullets equally updated when you change one so they will change all.

    - or -

    This feature would allow you to "insert" an item elsewhere.

    This is not a copy, as the updates of the original item will be reflected everywhere that it's referenced this way.

    "Clone" is a temporary name for this feature, lacking a better name. Cloning still indicates having multiple copies (in the sense of cloning an animal), but that's not the case here. There's only own copy, but there are multiple references (or images).

    The way I understood transclusion, there's always an original item, and editing the original automatically changes the copies. So I was initially thinking that interacting with a clone will send you to the original, you'll edit it, and the clones will be changed too.

    If you consider all clones as equals (no original, no source) you can directly edit any clone, and the changes will automatically be implemented for all its brothers. I think this type of interaction will be a little more flexible.

    Source: Clone an item: (https://trello.com/c/zrla0Fmx/150-clone-an-item)


    More Sources:



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    Marcin Ignac

    It is possible already. Simply hover over dot, copy link and past it elsewhere e.g. https://workflowy.com/#/ac5c813aee37

    Another solution would be "wiki-links" e.g. [[Start typing bullet name here...]]

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    I think OP meant hyperlinking within workflowy documents, not sharing workflowy nodes to others.

    I've been looking for ways to quickly jump from node to node, but it's quite a challenge everytime.


    # and @, don't quite cut it, because if you have a million of these, you can't remember all of em~

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    J. Moakley - SN

    Marc Cools, 

    I'm curious to what you mean by sub-tags in addition to tags? 

    This is what I have in my mind when referencing 'sub-tags' within my parent tags:

    Marketing Accounts starts with the following: @ma-

    then finish with the account name such as following:


    etc, but anytime I needed to refer to one of my marketing account, I could always start with @ma- and the dropdown of suggested tags are shown but are isolated to marketing accounts. This works when searching for tags or filtering your lists. 

    so all of my marketing accounts are prefixed under my parent tag.

    Is this something similar to what you had in mind or was it completely something else? 

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