SPELLCHECK for desktop app



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    Justin D Freeman

    This is a critical feature to me: Workflowy is excellent but I often need to extract and share information from Workflowy - it becomes immediately out of sync when I need to spellcheck that extracted content to share it with a straight face :)  For professional adoption this is a necessary functionality.

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    Another vote for this. Allowing the native system spellcheck to work in the macOS app would be ideal. That would also ensure that text replacement (as configured in System Preferences -> Keyboard) works.

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    David O'Neill

    Add me to this list of votes for adding spell checking to the desktop app.

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    Ian Svoboda

    + 1 For spellcheck on the apps (non-web versions). 

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    Josh Madison

    I would love to have spellcheck on the Mac Desktop version as well

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    Stephen E Maher

    Hear, hear!

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