FIle Import is nearly useless



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    It seems like the imported file is being uploaded to their Amazon AWS server.  Which certainly is not local.  And is making me even less likely to want to come back to Workflowy (which I have told people about for years).

    I've "imported" a file to workflow so now there is a bullet point and a "download" button.  When I select the download button the path shown starts as such, "

    So now I have a file on my computer and a file in the cloud, neither of which is obviously located to me.  I expected there to be a location where my files were stored along with my other workflowy stuff.  Mind you, the other workflowy stuff is also not easy to find and I think it's stored in a database in the main workflowy folder. 

    I just don't want my stuff stuck in the cloud if I can help it.  I have the space on my computer and and want it on my computer.  

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    Frank (Workflowy Support)

    > We need to be able to import a file (eg text, word doc, PDF etc) directly into a specific location in an outline, so that we can read it there, in context.

    We would like to be able to do this in the future. Please be careful of your wording (useless, etc.). 

    > Please fix this design flaw.

    This is not a design flaw. We just don't have the feature yet. If you need to view your documents do not put them into WorkFlowy yet.

    > is ridiculous and, as I stated in the title, basically useless.  

    Once again, please be careful with your wording. There are better ways to ask for features.

    > Until you do, please do not claim (as you currently do) that users can import files into Workflowy.

    This is technically what happens. It's available through the WorkFlowy interface. Once again, this is for future development. If the current implementation is useless to you, I'm sure you have alternatives.





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