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    Herb Caudill

    Any update on this? My use case is converting emails to WF items using something like Zapier - so the only thing I would need would be something that allows creating a new item. 



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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    No update as of yet.  You might check out this unofficial WorkFlowy API written by one of our users in PHP:



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    I would love to have an integration in IFTTT or Zapier that would add my Google Calendar events as a list in Workflowy, please help!

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    Joel Janikowski

    Yes! If you added an IFTTT or Zapier, it would break the capabilities wide open and solve a good chunk of the requests on here.

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    N Knoors

    The lack of an api is making my life difficult, please give it higher priority

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    Michael Moran

    Please please please add this feature. I would use Workflowy for everything if this were added



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    Kay Krämer

    I also would like to see either an API or an IFTTT integration, or better both of them.

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    Jeremy Pinnix


    Yet another Pro user who would like to integrate my Workflowy data with other services, both incoming and outgoing.

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    samuel s chun

    I'm a recent pro user that really loves this product but would also like to voice my support for an API. Great work guys!

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    Zachary Valenti

    Chiming in with my shared desire here! Building a RPi project I would love to integrate with my Workflowy!!

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    Kevin T Vogelsang

    I can't use workflowy due to lack of API and webhooks. 

    Would happily pay for it if it had these items. 

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    Balthasar Sager

    Also a Pro user here, would also greatly appreciate this. Then you could f.e. build a Gitlab integration...

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    Nicholas P Huntington

    Yet another pro user voting for this. An API or at least IFTTT integration would make it so much more useful!

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    Tom Bensimhon

    yet another pro user, I think it could be an awesome feature for workflowy (documented API) 

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    Matt Rutherford

    free user, won't consider paying without an API.

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    This would be a great way to allow users to add functionality that is not high-priority for the Workflowy team or is too niche.

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    Rob S

    Even just providing an endpoint for the existing export dialog box would be a huge help.


    Any updates from Workflowy Support on the timeline on this? Last response was over a year and a half ago.

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    Kurt Harriger

    Such endpoints do exist they just don't appear to be documented or officially supported.  In addition to the php library mentioned by support there also appears to be a javascript library:


    This library also has a command line interface for exporting the data which might be useful to you. 

    I was exploring integration with workflowy for personal project so started reverse engineering the data schema and dumped few sample responses into https://jvilk.com/MakeTypes/ to infer the schema and cleaning them up a bit.  This may not be complete, but I have a fair bit of workflowy data so seems to have captured most things even sharing which I didn't even realized existed until I was reverse engineering this, super excited about sharing!  



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    Trey Hunner

    I've been a paying pro user since 2012. In the last few years I've come to find Zapier incredibly useful for automating important parts of my business and life workflows.

    I've found recently that I'm very slowly switching more workflows out of Workflowy and into Trello, GitHub, Calendar, and even GMail just so I can avoid small bits of repeated work duplication.

    I'd absolutely love it if Workflowy added Zapier support or at least a public-facing API. I'd love to keep as many of my important workflows as possible inside Workflowy.

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    Dan Irwin

    Adding my name to the list of people would love an API.

    Email-to-workflowy ability would be huge. 

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    +1 Add Zappier integration

    I love the interface of Workflowy i would like to use it as my list, task, notes program, but without Zapier integration is impossible for me.

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    Boaz Chen

    Zapier is a must!

    The API is good for programs, but not for using the workflowy as part of my workflow...

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    Alistair MacDonald

    You can add one more pro user to the +1 list for API service.

    I would like:

    1. API integration via REST or GraphQL.
    2. Node.js SDK package.

    How I can help:

    • I would be happy paying more to unlock the feature.  (It could be a separate service you could charge extra for.)
    • I would help create and support the Node.js SDK for you.


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