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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Our team has stated to users before that they don't plan to support markdown, due to plans for other types of editing. However, please see this helpful article....

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    Gerald Hiller

    Well, if I understand correctly, the article you've linked shows a workaround which still requires you to write the markdown formatting instructions into workflowy.

    What I am referring to, is to extract the markdown formatting instruction from the workflowy outline hierarchy.

    It's really unfortunate if you decide to never implement that. The solution I've written down seems rather simple to implement.

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    Gerald Hiller

    Also, by adding markdown support, you'd be getting much more flexibility in terms of formats than you have with opml. I'd love to be able to turn my workflowy outlines into presentations for example, or properly formatted specifications documents, others probably would love to create Word documents and others. With the widespread support of markdown and so many converters available for it, you'd be killing a lot of birds with that stone.

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    Alistair MacDonald

    I agree with these guys, Markdown export would be fantastic. I would sign up for Pro if this was possible.

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