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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    The bulleted structure of the actual headings are not designed for this.  However, this would be possible in the "notes" section below any bullet.  You can enter notes using SHIFT+ENTER if using web or desktop app, and the "add note" button from mobile.

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    Ryan Cuthbertson

    Yes, I like how you can put in paragraphs using the notes function.

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    Just logged in to say thanks, this feature is huge.

    Workflowy has the best execution of any app I've ever used... Pure elegance.

    That's all :)

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    Abhishek Kumar

    Hi, I thought I will chip in with what I found. 

    I use Scrivener to write. What worked for me eventually was -

    Export the book structure (in workflowy) into OPML. 

    Go to Scrivener and Import the OPML File. 

    The structure of the bullets was maintained - each main bullet became a chapter and each sub-bullet became a sub-chapter. The paragraphs within the bullet became the text-content of that chapter. 

    Of course, I'd still rather write in Workflowy - because then I can move things around. But this worked really great and immediately solved the problem to how to write with workflowy. With Scrivener. 

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    M J Pearce

    I use OPML extensvely for this purpose (usually to markdown in the first instance, but frequently immediately converting the markdown to docx). It works very well for exporting from Workflowy - bullets become headings, which gives me my preferred long-form structure.

    Writing in Workflowy notes is hard work. I struggle with the faded text. I have to switch my keyboard to put in two new lines for every Enter press, because a single new line is not preserved in Workflowy import/export but paragraphs are. And strangely a paragraph seems to follow the markdown rule of requiring an empty line between paragraphs.

    For serious writing, there would also need to be at least some form of word count - I have a workaround for this using another program, but the whole process requires a lot of workarounds.

    The same process, in reverse, works for importing to Workflowy. That's fine, so long as care is taken over the paragraphs. I've never got to the bottom of the  problem of Workflowy concatenating text in notes, even on pasted text, but OPML and markdown paragraphs seem to work.



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