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    I totally agree. How do we know if features are considered by Workflowy team? Because audio memos in-app would be a great help for me and my clients.

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    Aaron Robinette

    Unfortunately it does seem like the Workflowy roadmap is borderline non-existent or quite outdated, and is certainly void of any properly useful features of genuine utility to the user base.

    Updates have been piecemeal and feature updates are very strange, out of touch, or straight up relatively useless (such as the new to-do feature, when a function for completing items in lists already existed and was literally used all the time).

    This update cycle has lasted for a while and seems quite frustrating when there are big lists of low-hanging fruit and fixes users have been begging for for a while.

    No idea what's happening internally but from the outside it seems like very skewed priorities, judging from other similar posts from users on here, reddit etc.

    Idk personally I'm pretty disappointed with Workflowy currently and have been looking for alternatives to migrate to.

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