How do I to copy or export content?

There are a bunch of ways to copy or export content so that you can paste it into another location or to an external program.  Using the steps below, you can multi-select items which is one of our new features:

  1. Click and drag over all the items you want selected
  2. Hold alt (control/command on Mac) and click to select random items
  3. Hold shift and click to select all items between where the cursor is and your second click
  4. Hold shift and use the arrow keys
  5. Hold control/command and press “a” twice to select all visible items (the first “a” selects all the text in the current item)

Once you’ve selected some lines, you can complete, move, delete, cut, copy, indent and paste them.

We’ve tried to copy the behavior of text editors and file systems, the two areas where this type selecting action is most common. Hopefully you find the feature intuitive and useful. We’re certainly enthralled with it.

Note: You can also still use the "old" export feature that is available from the menu that pops up when you hover over any bullet.  This export method allows you to copy out the data in a few formats:  Plain Text, Formatted, and OPML.

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    Paul Simbeck-Hampson

    Any way to do this on mobile? Tried in the App and the browser and can only select one line at a time...

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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Sorry, there are currently no export features on mobile. We plan to eventually have more features added.

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