Do you have an app for Windows phones or Blackberry?




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    I would like to leave an upvote for an Workflowy app on the Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile).

    With it might actually show not to be too much work to create one.

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    Blackberry support would be great. It works fine on the browser, but only with internet. It would be nice to have access to notes, even when you don't have access to the internet.

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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Hi all,

    We apologize for the lack of responses in the Zendesk FAQ section for this topic and others.  The FAQ's were initially implemented for posting articles, and as Zendesk enabled comment features, we did not have resources and a good system in place for monitoring and following up on comments until now.  Please do feel free to log support and feature requests at and follow our blog at for latest developments.



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    Christoph Rüegg

    Neither the normal nor the mobile site actually works on the WindowsPhone mobile browser - the site just provides two misaligned install buttons for iOS and Android apps which is not exactly helpful. The result is that it is currently impossible to use Workflowy on a WindowsPhone, in any way. This is definitely a show stopper for me.

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