Chromebook keyboard shortcuts not supported




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    Peder Burenstam Linder

    Yes, please! Most annoying is that ctrl+forward-arrow changes scope instead of advancing the caret one word.

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    Frederik De Bleser

    Thank you for acknowledging this issue. This is driving me crazy on my Chromebook. It would be useful just to be able to disable this shortcut.

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    Salvador Santander Gutiérrez

    Yes, please!! I love workflowy and I have a chormebook

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    Wayne Hynd

    I TOTALLY miss [Shift] [Ctrl] [arrow] to move items. Us keyboarders can run rings around those lazy-assed mouse and trackpad users!!! <grin>

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    Wayne Hynd

    Please consider: Focus significantly more on fixing existing features not working, rather than on new functionality. My reasoning? 1) Don't screw up the functionality that made you such a success!!!! 2) Reward early-adopter/enthusiasts who fanned the flames of your success: if you do, they are much more likely to continue to spread the word and this is, by far, the most cost-effective marketing. 3) It doesn't matter if you build a magnificent, innovative, awesome home if you don't take the simple steps to prevent termites. Buggy software dies! 

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    Hiroshi Wald

    Hello!  Any updates on this?  Would LOVE the control + shift + arrow function at the *very least* to select words.  This would significantly help as a Pro user.  Thank you!

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    Gorden Medow

    Look forward to looking over your web page again. 

    mcafee customer support
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    Mark Permann

    I hadn't noticed this problem as I usually use the Chrome Web Store app, which works with all of the shortcuts. However, there are times when I want theme & font options not available in the app. Example: when I'm really focusing, sometimes I like to use the Hacker theme which is only available on the web site. 

    Perhaps if you're not willing to fix these shortcuts, or they would take a long time, an satisfactory & less work intensive alternative would be to make all theme & font settings available in the Chrome app?

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    Tim Webber

    I'm still very keen to have this sorted out -

    I use Workflowy a lot in my personal and work life and I have both Windows machines and a Chromebook.  I tend not to use Workflowy much on my Chromebook purely because of this very frustrating inconsistency, and I become frustrated every time I do.

    It seems that the Chrome OS shortcuts could and should be identical to the windows ones.  ( ctrl ->   and ctrl-shift ->  are pretty close to universal shortcuts for move-one-word and select-one word)

    (and this has been commented on by myself and others for a long time and I can't believe it is that hard to change keys even if your development team is small)



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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Hi all,

    We apologize for the lack of responses in the Zendesk FAQ section for this topic and others.  The FAQ's were initially implemented for posting articles, and as Zendesk enabled comment features, we did not have resources and a good system in place for monitoring and following up on comments until now.  Please do feel free to log support and feature requests at and follow our blog at for latest developments.



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