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    Brand new pro user here. Lots of new questions. I do not see an undo function in the android mobile app. Am i missing it? Or is there some workaround like a version history or some other backup process. While a step by step undo on the android app would be nice I am primarily just worried about accidentally deleting a big chunk of data with an accidental keystroke.

    On a side note unrelated first time user feedback. I have been in and out of the tech/startup world for over 20 years, hard to believe. In that time i've always been a bit of a outliner / gtd mensch seeing many products come and go and improve. I have tried everything from pbwiki to basecamp to evernote to google tasks, not to mention a few dozen b2b solutions and am coming to you from checkvist. Indeed i only stumbled on you when going to the mat and doing research on opml outliners because my checkvist pro app appears to be doa after years of stagnation. opml outliners have always been at the heart of my gtd style organization. I like that you have a pretty good mobile app, a simple interface of infinitely collapseable and uncolleapseable layers and that you have a powerful website to back up the mobile app. But mostly i have to say you had me at flawless copy / paste of tab deliminated hierarchies. From a gtd standpoint i could compose todo items absolutely anywhere and anytime i want from my email box to word to notepad. The only thing more i could ask for is optical character recognition with * / ** delimination so i can take a snapshot of my hand written notes and have them automatically dropped into my workflowy inbox. I am sure i will have many more questions but thanks for creating such an excellently simple app i have a feeling this is going to be the start of a long and beautiful relationship.

    Get busy organizing or get busy dying.

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