How to move items long distances

If you want to move an item from a list, into another list that is in an entirely different area of your account, it might appear difficult because you need to drag the item from one place to the other.  If you have many lists, this could take some time as you need to expand both lists so they are both visible in the same window.

Here is a trick that is very useful.....

Tag the list you want to move with something like "#move". Then tag the destination with the same tag. Using the search feature, then isolate the lists and a simple drag and drop finishes the move. Lastly, don't forget to delete both #move tags when you are done.

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    Scott Cardais

    This may be a minor point but I consider this a "Technique" rather than a "Workaround."

    "Workaround" has a negative connotation and a feeling of a temporary solution until a good solution is found.

    The method described here to move or group topics that are far apart seems very simple and effective just as it is. 

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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Thanks...I just renamed the heading to "how to" :-)

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