How to move a top level bullet down into a sub-list

To move a bullet down into a sub-list, start by creating a new bullet at the top.  You usually have to place your cursor at the very top left of the top line and hit enter (to move everything down).  Then place your cursor at the top of the 2nd item and hit tab to make it a child of the line above.  Any of the other sub-bullets will also be included in his change.  If you have other bullets that were at the same level as the first, you may also do the same "tab" action for all of the others.

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    How to move a sublist item to a level above (to the left)? That is, the opposite of here.

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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    SHIFT+ TAB will "outdent" a sub-list item.  This is also now possible with drag and drop using a mouse.

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