What won't all shortcuts work on my Mac?

The most recent version of Mac OS (Lion) has default shortcuts for Exposé and Spaces that conflict with WorkFlowy's Move and Zoom shortcuts. We're working on this issue, but for now you'll have to change the Mac defaults if you want to use the WorkFlowy shortcuts. (You do this by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Mission Control and unchecking the options for 1) "Mission Control" 2) "Show desktop" 3) "Move left a space" and 4) "Move right a space").

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    Worked, thanks!

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    Dave Stewart

    It would be much better if WorkFlowy just used the .metaKey property of the event object to allow us to do this, rather than making us change our Mac's setup.

    I'm not going to change my Mac, or any other Mac I work on just to avoid a simple conflict that could be solved with a small ternary expression:

    var ctrl = !! navigator.platform.match(/^mac/i) ? event.metaKey : event.ctrlKey


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    Hajime Morrita

    +1 for updating Workflowy side to handle this. 

    One can also adopt Ctrl+Command+Left/Right to zoom. This feels slightly hacky, but works for me so far.

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    Mike Petonic

    @Hajime -- thanks for the tip.  That works for me.  Definitely hacky, but effective. 

    I'd prefer user-definable preferences.  My Apps have movement keys that are an odd-combination of decades of using Emacs (^n, ^p), Vi (hjkl), and FPS's (WASD).  :-)


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