How can I move items a "long distance" in Workflowy?




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    Brad Johns

    That's a very interesting solution but it would be great to have something a bit more intentional - perhaps a 'move' option in the contextual drop down or even 'cut' and 'paste' The method you propose is a fair bit of extra click through for a core task - the antithesis of what I like about Workflowy.



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    On a similar note:

    It would be really nice to treat Workflowy "lines" as "items" that can be dragged and dropped anywhere.

    For example:

    I organize my workflowy such, with sub-categories underneath.

    1. Inbox

         a. Example Item

    2. Work-related

         a. Urgent-Important

              1. Example Item

         b. Non-urgent important

    3. Non work-related

    4. Errands


    It would be really nice to be able to add an item in the inbox ("Example Item"), and then drag-and-drop into, let's say, "Work-related, Urgent important." But, because this destination area is not at the same level as "Inbox" it doesn't place it under "Urgent-important" but rather under "Work-related".

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    Jeff Carter


    'Work-related' is expanded


    'Urgent-Important' is expanded


    'Urgent-Important' already has at least one sub-item


    It is possible to move 'Example Item' from 'Inbox' to 'Work-related, Urgent important'


    .......Perhaps this isn't the cleanest, easiest, or most obvious way to achieve your goal, but I just wanted you to know it is possible.

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