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    Miroslav Pecka

    Can I batch rename the tag? I. e. change all occurences? If not, is this planned in the future?

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    David G Goggin

    Is there a way to list all tags?

    In this thread, John Seiffer says searching on # will show all active tags. 

    That is not the case for me. If I enter # in the search box, a list of about 8 tags show up. Several of the most recently created tags are not in that list. 

    Is there a way I can create a tag index by listing all tags? 


    Follow up...I did find this Workflowy tag index bookmarklet

    It does not work as expected in the latest version of Chrome. Instead of adding a list of all my tags as an entry in my Workflowy page, it creates the list in the Workflowy search box. Weird, but still usable. I just copy/paste the list from the search box into workflowy to get an index of all my tags. 

    Still asking the question, though, as to other ways to do this. Surely this is a common request. 

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    Diedre Braverman

    Is there a way to view all currently active tags?

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    Rui Cabanita

    In reply to previous posts:

    By default, search uses AND, so if you enter multiples tags it only shows items that have all of them. However, you can use "OR" between tags or any other term to search for any that has at least one of them.

    Also, note that your searches are influenced by where you zoomed into, it only searches the child items. If you want a global search make sure to go to Home 1st.

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    Vincent Lim

    How do I search items with different tag concurrently? is there an "Or" function on tagging? ie. #today or #urgent

    I want to know #today's tasks and #urgent tasks but not necessary #today.

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    Workflowy Support (Sasha)

    Hi all,

    We apologize for the lack of responses in the Zendesk FAQ section for this topic and others. The FAQ's were initially implemented for posting articles, and as Zendesk enabled comment features, we did not have resources and a good system in place for monitoring and following up on comments until now. Please do feel free to log support and feature requests at and follow our blog at for latest developments.



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    Adam Lantheaume

    I can't seem to find this answer, so apologies if it's someplace.

    How is the order of the list the autocomplete pop-up determined?

    If I have 10 tags that would autocomplete on "#t-" - is there a way to create them that there's always the same few that show up at the "top"?


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    John Seiffer

    If you start typing # it will show all the active #tags. Same for @. I don't know of a way to see both lists at the same time. 

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