What if I delete something? Can I get it back?

Are you missing data, or just want to recover an item you deleted?  We can help!

When people are missing items, we first ask people to check that the items are not just marked as "completed". If you are using the web browser, you can toggle the "Completed:Hidden" indicator, to show as "Completed:Visible". On mobile, completed items are always moved out of view, so you'd need to login via the web to confirm, and unmark the item as completed.

Once you've confirmed that the item is truly gone, we can help to restore it for you.  Please email help@workflowy.com or open a support ticket at https://workflowy.zendesk.com

Be sure to tell us the name or key words of the content, as well as give us your permission to access your account.


Note: The DropBox backups are a Pro feature and also create daily backups to your DropBox "Apps" folder.  They are not in a readable format, but can also be sent to us if you wish to ever specifically restore your data from a point in time.  It does give our users extra peace of mind knowing they have their own local copy.  Eventually, we will allow users to perform self-restores...but that feature is not available yet. 

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    So, notes are never fully deleted? That doesn't really make me comfortable. I think there should be a trash bin or another level of delete so notes can be really deleted....if that's what the user wants.

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